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Insurance Law

The insurance industry provides coverage to homeowners, businesses and professionals for claims made both for and against the carrier's insured. Premiums are paid to cover and defend claims yet catastrophic losses from weather events, class action suits, product defects, etc., have led to insurance policies that are difficult to read, impossible to understand and consumed with exclusions from coverage. Clients of HT&B are best served when there is insurance to pay damage claims or provide a defense to such claims.

Our attorneys will make coverage determinations and where appropriate, give notice of claims to insurance carriers who may provide coverage to third parties for losses sustained by our clients or demand that a defense be provided to our clients against whom a claim is made. In cases where insurance limits are insufficient to cover claims, Hubbard, Terry and Britt will act to ensure that the client is not exposed to excess coverage claims.

Our attorneys have experience in litigating coverage issues when an insurance company either misinterprets or wrongfully denies coverage.

Areas of Concentration

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  • Subchapter S Corporations
  • Unfair Competition and Trade Practices

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